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Binks Ford is one of the most trusted new and used car dealerships in Melbourne, Victoria. Buy a new Ford from Binks Ford and enjoy the benefits your new Ford car will give you. Test drive a Ford and get $200 if you buy a new competitor or $500 bonus if you buy a new Ford. Binks Ford is one of the best Ford dealers in Australia. Binks Ford guarantees best price and special offers. Hurry in and get special deals. Service your car at Binks Ford at the best price. Capped price service applies. Buy new Fords. We have all the latest Ford models in stock.
With myFord CAPPED PRICE SERVICING, Ford will publish the maximum price you will pay for a Standard A or B logbook service at Binks Ford.

Introducing the All New MUSTANG

Its look says entirely new, but its soul is entirely Mustang.

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