2015 Mustang

Enthusiast site reports production start date in Ford dealer bulletin
Ford’s new pony car, the 2015 Mustang, is shortly to enter production – officially.

In a report by American website Mustang6G.com, production for the new model coupe kicks off from today (the evening of July 14 in Australia). The information, sourced from Ford’s own dealer bulletin, also nominates an unconfirmed start date of September 15 for the Mustang coupe.

It seems though that the initial run of cars will not reach customers. According to the website, the second batch of cars (MP2) will be the ‘Job 1’ customer cars, and those cars are timed for production to begin on August 11. The initial batch of cars (MP1, mass production) will presumably be company cars and evaluation vehicles.

An unattributed source at Ford has told the site that the Job 1 cars will go on sale in the northern hemisphere autumn (our spring), and that, combined with the Job 1 production dates, fits with the on-sale dates of September 9 for the coupe and October 27 for the convertible.

Ford will conduct an international drive program in the USA from late September, which also dovetails with the mooted production plans.

Mustang6G.com lists prices (in American dollars) for three variants: $24,425 for the V6, $25,990 for the EcoBoost and $32,925 for the GT.

Monday, 14 July 2014