Carsales Car of the Year 2015 : Best Offroad 4×4 – Ford Ranger

“Ford’s 4×4 Ranger makes a very good fist of being all things to all people – or at least many things to many people… Weekday workhorse, tow tug, offroad explorer, family transport – the Ranger can be all these things…”

There’s nothing more embedded in the modern Australian psyche than the Big Trip – hitching up the family and heading bush. Perhaps that’s why even city-slickers can’t get enough of carsales Car of the Year Best Offroad 4×4 winner for 2015, the Ford Ranger.

Ranger is almost singlehandedly keeping Ford Australia a top-ten brand in terms of sales. But that’s not why we gave it our 2015 award. It’s simply a great truck.

The handsome dual-cab continues the tradition of robust off-road ability established by its predecessor, but now adds a whole swag of comfort, safety and convenience items that separates it from the rest of the pick-up pack.

Indeed, this is now a vehicle that we reckon can take on – and beat – the very best offroad wagons.

Ranger has real tuff truck credentials and can conquer the worst this wide brown land can throw at it. Yet it’s also up to date in terms of technology and safety – even by passenger car standards…

In a hot category with no shortage of competition, Ford’s further refined Ranger stands out. It is as comfortable on a family trip to the city as it is cresting Big Red…


Source: Carsales.com.au

by Rod Chapman
04 December 2015