MyFord Finance

myFord FINANCE[1] makes choosing the right vehicle and finding the right financial package simple. Whether you’re a private purchaser or selecting a vehicle for business use, we have a wide range of flexible finance and lease products that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Personal Financial Options


• Consumer loan


• Suitable for non-business customers

• Fixed interest rates and flexible loan terms including balloon repayments

• Fixed payments for budgeting purposes with the option to make additional payments, potentially lowering the interest payable and reducing the loan term

Business Financial Options


• Chattel mortgage

• Commercial hire purchase

• Finance lease

• Novated lease


• Retain capital for other business needs

• Flexible loan terms including balloon repayments

• Fixed payments for budgeting purposes

• Possible tax advantages

• Preserve banking facilities for other needs

Financial solutions to meet your individual needs

Contract Completion

Contract completion

End of contract
At the end of your myFord FINANCE contract you have two options.

Refinance Your Vehicle

Refinance your vehicle

Option one
If applicable refinance the balloon payment for up to three more years.

Own Your Vehicle

Own your vehicle

Option two
Make the final payment and keep your vehicle.

Product Features Consumer Loan Chattel Mortgage Commercial Hire Purchase Finance lease Novated lease
Private Use
Vehicle Ownership At Contract End Choices available[1] Choices available[1]
Business Use
Term – Months 12 to 84 12 to 60 12 to 60 12 to 60 12 to 60
Deposit Optional Optional Optional
Fixed Repayments
Fixed Interest Rates Not applicable Not applicable
Balloon/Residual Payment