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Ford Ranger’s advanced technology helps you keep pace with any job, anywhere. Whether on the worksite or the weekend. For example, the fuel efficient 2.2 TDCi diesel engine is more powerful than ever, while the next generation 3.2 TDCi is even more economical.

Ford Ranger 2015 Performance


New Improved 2.2L and 3.2L TDCi Turbo Diesel Engines

They’re back and they’re better than ever. An extra 8kW of power and 10Nm of torque gives our 2.2L TDCi engine more grunt than ever. Whilst our next generation super powerful 3.2L will please with the extra kilometres we’ve built into its fuel economy.

Ford Ranger 2015 Engines


EPAS (Electronic Power-Assisted Steering)

This might be a truck but Ford’s famous driving dynamics still apply. This includes the effortless manoeuvrability EPAS delivers in all types of conditions. Steering is light and responsive for city driving and when parking, and firmer and easier to control at higher speeds on the open road. Because it’s electronically controlled and not hydraulic, it only kicks-in when you need it, helping to save fuel.

Ford Ranger 2015 Steering


Auto Start-Stop[1]

When you idle, you’re using up fuel going nowhere. So when you’re stopped at lights or stuck in traffic, your engine shuts off. When you want to drive off the engine starts smoothly and immediately, helping you to drive further on less fuel.

Ford Ranger 2015 Auto Start


Lane Keeping System[2]

Using the road markings, sensors can detect when you begin to drift out of your lane unintentionally. If you do, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate to warn you. If you don’t return to the lane, steering torque is applied to guide the Ranger back.

Ford Ranger 2015 Lane Keeping System


Keep Your Distance

Forget having to turn your cruise control on and off as traffic conditions change. If traffic slows in front of you, Adaptive Cruise Control[3] can automatically slow to maintain a pre-set distance. Once traffic clears, it returns to your cruising speed. If the Forward Collision Alert[3] system detects the potential for a collision up ahead, it will flash a red warning signal on your windscreen and pre-charge your brakes, ready to stop quickly.

Ford Ranger 2015 Keep Your Distance


Adjustable Speed Limiter[4]

With a powerful engine under your foot and a city full of speed limits, the Ranger’s Speed Limiter can help you avoid speeding fines. Simply set your maximum speed and your speed will keep from going over the limit. Should you need more speed to get out of a tight situation, just press the accelerator flat.

Ford Ranger 2015 Speed Limiter


[1] Available on 4×2 Hi-Rider manual transmission and 4×4 manual transmission only.
[2] Feature included with optional pack available on XLT and Wildtrak models. Operates at speeds over 65 km/h on multi-lane roads with clearly visible lane markings. Driver-assistance features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s judgement. Function may not operate in some driving and road conditions or adverse weather.
[3] Features included with optional pack available on XLT and Wildtrak models. Driver-assistance features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s judgement. Function may not operate in some driving and road conditions or adverse weather.Overseas models shown.
[4] Not available on XL Plus models.



When your truck doubles as your office, a smart design makes all the difference. Packed with technology and features to help you work smarter and play harder, the Ranger is the most advanced truck ever seen in Australia.

Ford Ranger 2015 Innovative Technology



Multi-tasking is a big part of any job. With your phone connected, you can ask SYNC™ to make calls or even read your text messages to you[2]. Whilst our next generation SYNC™2 in Ranger XLT and Wildtrak models lets you continue to work, while you drive, without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Make and take calls, find the best route to your destination and more, just by saying a few simple words. Your passengers can even use your paired phone’s WiFi hot spot to get on with business while you’re on the road.

Ford Ranger 2015 Sync2


Rear View Camera and Sensors[3]

Parking couldn’t be easier, even in crowded cities. From your higher seating, the rear view camera gives you a clear vision of what’s behind you, while front and rear parking sensors help you park with confidence.

Ford Ranger 2015 Camera and Sensors


Ford Ranger 2015 Information Screens

Information Screens[4]

As well as the 8-inch touchscreen, SYNC™2[1] works with two 4.2-inch LCD screens in your instrument panel[5]. The right-side screen displays SYNC™2[1] information, such as phone and music settings, while the left-side screen displays vehicle information, such as fuel economy, which you can scroll and select using the steering wheel buttons.

Ford Ranger 2015 Media Hub

Media Hub[5]

Four outlets give you plenty of options to play, watch and view music, videos and photos on your SYNC™2[1] touchscreen. Two USB outlets, and one RCA outlet let you check photos or videos on the spot, without returning to the office or home. You can also charge and play more than one USB device, while you drive.


20+ Storage Spaces

With 20+ storage spaces in the new Ranger, there’s room for everything. Enjoy a laptop-sized glovebox, front and rear door pockets, a mobile phone holder, sunglasses holder, key tray, under seat storage, seatback pockets, and more.

Ford Ranger 2015 Storage


Automatic Wipers[4] and Headlamps

Concentrate on the road, and not on adjusting controls, especially in bad weather. Rain-sensing wipers turn on as soon as they detect rain, and automatically adjust their speed to match the heaviness of the downpour. Auto headlamps also come on automatically when there’s not enough ambient light. What could be easier?

Ford Ranger 2015 Headlamps


Power Up

A light installed in the cargo tray gives you all the light you need to get on with the job, no matter what time of the day or night[6]. But there’s more to your job than just loading up the tray. So we’ve also included a 230V outlet[7] in the cab. Charge your phone, tablet or plug–in equipment, even when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Ford Ranger 2015 Power


[1] SYNC™2 standard on XLT and Wildtrak, SYNC™ standard on all other models.
[2] Local laws may prohibit use of text messaging features. Check your local laws before using this feature.
[3] Rear View Camera included standard on Wildtrak and with optional pack on XLT. Rear park assist standard on XLT and Wildtrak models. Front park assist standard on Wildtrak models only.
[4] Standard on XLT and Wildtrak models only.
[5] Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use SYNC™, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.
[6] Not available on XL Plus models.
[7] Super and Double Cab models only.
Overseas models shown



Raging river? No problem. Steep, sandy incline? Exciting. Ranger 4X4’s 800mm water wading[1], e-Locking Rear Differential[2], and driver assist features like Hill Descent Control[3] make light work of any challenge.

Ford Ranger 2015 Capability


800mm Water Wading[1]

It’s not only on dry land that Ranger proves that it can take you just about anywhere you need to go. A river-taming 800mm makes sure there’s very little that can come between you and getting the job done.

Ford Ranger 2015 Water Wading


Ford Ranger 2015 4x4 Shift

4×4 Shift-On-The-Fly

Be in the zone at the turn of a dial. Move effortlessly between 2WD and 4WD high mode or low mode with Shift-on-the-fly.

Ford Ranger 2015 Tyre Pressure Monitor

Tyre Pressure Monitor[4]

When your tyre pressure isn’t right it can compromise safety and fuel economy. The Tyre Pressure Monitor constantly monitors each tyre’s pressure and lets you know which ones need air, and when. Easy.


The Ranger Holds On Tight

Take back control on steep inclines and sandy and other loose surfaces with e-Locking Rear Differential[2]. Locking the rear wheels helps you gain the best possible control over challenging and uneven terrains where it can be difficult to keep both rear wheels on the ground.

Ford Ranger 2015 Control


Tow Tonnes Of Stuff

With up to 3,500kg[5] towing capacity, you can confidently take on the biggest jobs. Especially with Ranger’s Dynamic Stability Control automatically adapting to changing loads to provide greater control.

Ford Ranger 2015 Towing Capacity


Control Where You Need It Most

A tough truck lets you tackle some tough situations. Helping you stay in control in these situations is Ranger’s comprehensive Dynamic Stability Control program.

Ford Ranger 2015 Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control[6]

Designed to automatically apply braking, as needed, to slow the vehicle to a set speed in off-road downhill conditions. Speed can be adjusted through the accelerator and the Cruise Control buttons on the steering wheel.

Ford Ranger 2015 Hill Launch Assist

Hill Launch Assist[7]

Designed to avoid roll-back when starting or reversing uphill. Brake pressure is held for two seconds after you release the brake and press the accelerator.

Ford Ranger 2015 Traction Control System

Traction Control System

Sensors individually monitor each wheel for speed and slip, and automatically brake or increase torque, as determined is needed, to maximise grip and help avoid wheel spin.

Ford Ranger 2015 Adaptive Load Control

Adaptive Load Control

Designed to automatically adjust ESP parameters to match the load and ensure all controls remain effective across different loads, or with no load at all.

Ford Ranger 2015 Trailer Sway Assist

Trailer Sway Assist

Constantly monitors behaviour of the tow vehicle and trailer and automatically corrects detected instability or ‘sway’ using a left-right braking pattern and engine torque.

Ford Ranger 2015 Rollover Mitigation

Rollover Mitigation

Helps prevent the vehicle getting into a roll-over situation.

Ford Ranger 2015 Emergency Brake Assist

Emergency Brake Assist

Maintains maximum brake pressure in an emergency stopping situation.

[1] Achieved when maintaining a steady speed of 7kms/hr.
[2] Standard on 4×2 Hi-Rider and 4×4 models only.
[3] Standard on 4×4 models only.
[4] Standard on XLT and Wildtrak models only.
[5] Braked towing capacity on 4×2 Hi-Rider and 4×4 models when fitted with a Genuine Ford Tow pack and Tow Ball. Subject to state and territory towing regulations.
[6] Standard on 4×4 models only. Driver-assistance features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s judgement. Function may not operate in some driving and road conditions or adverse weather.
[7] Driver-assistance features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s judgement. Function may not operate in some driving and road conditions or adverse weather.



The 2015 Ford Ranger delivers a bold new front end, a redesigned interior, packed with innovative new features. What hasn’t changed is Ranger’s exceptional safety credentials and range of cab styles to suit every need.

Ford Ranger 2015 Designed for Purpose


Built Tough. Built Smart.

Tough needs to be backed up by common sense safety and Ranger is engineered to deliver outstanding safety across the range. Ford Ranger’s reinforced safety cell is supplemented with the protection of up to six airbags, including side curtain airbags[1]. Combined with the comprehensive Dynamic Stability Control program’s intelligent safety features like Trailer Sway Mitigation and Traction Control, the 2015 Ranger is safer than ever.

Ford Ranger 2015 Built Tough


Take The Rugged With The Smooth

A tough truck doesn’t have to mean a rough ride. The new chrome grille and more muscular front end makes the 2015 Ranger look more powerful than ever. Inside, the priority is space, comfort and functionality. Controls are in plain sight and easy reach, there’s extra storage and noise and vibration have been reduced. The 2015 Ranger nails work/life balance, perfectly.

Ford Ranger 2015 Smooth

Ford Ranger 2015 Controls

Ford Ranger 2015 Shift


Ford Ranger 2015 Double Cab Super Cab Single Cab


Stretch Out

The legroom in our Double Cabs makes life more comfortable for your passengers. Its large doors and positioning of the rear pillar also makes it easier for them to get in and out, or for you to get bulky work gear in and out.

Ford Ranger 2015 Space


Big, Strong Chassis

The Ranger combines an ultra-high-strength steel chassis and a superior suspension design to deliver a strong, smooth ride.Ford Ranger 2015 Chassis


[1] Available on selected models. Please refer to specs table for details.
Overseas models shown.
[2] 4×4 XLT Double Cab. Overseas model shown.


Ford Ranger 2015 Accessories Flexiglass

Flexiglass – Alloy Tray – (Fitted)

  • Headboard with fully integrated weld mesh
  • Adjustable load stoppers each side of headboard
  • Heavy duty rope rail tube
  • Powder coated mounting bars
  • Galvanized guards front & rear with rear mud flap
  • Over centre latches on drop sides & rear tailgate
  • 3 year/100,00km accessory manufacture’s warranty against faulty parts and workmanship
  • Removable rubber mat included
  • Flexiglass fitted Alloy Tray available from Binks Ford Dealer

Part Number: FLXP10020SBAC1

Ford Ranger 2015 Accessories Bull Bars Steel



  • The only Bull Bar that meets Ford’s stringent engineering and safety standards
  • Fully compatible with daytime running lamps, fog lamps, front parking sensors, park assist sensors and adaptive cruise control where fitted
  • Crash tested to ensure compatibility with the vehicles safety system
  • Integrated mounting points for accessory lamps and UHF antennas
  • Contents include Bull Bar EB3B17A912BC, Splash Shields EB3B16G574AB, EB3B16G575AB,supplementary kit EB3B17A912AAK1T


Ford Ranger 2015 Accessories Canopy


Canopy – (Aeroklas) Stylish Double Cab

  • With side windows
  • Easy to install and remove with C-clamp lock and NO DRILL installation
  • Canopies painted to match vehicles body colour
  • Flip down front window function for easy cleaning of cab rear window glass
  • Rear hatch glass has dual outboard latching points with single centre key lockable handle which is keyed alike to LHS lift up window
  • Side windows are “lift up” for unrestricted access to canopy interior
  • Not compatible with Load rest
  • All canopies 100% water leak tested
  • LED style High Mount Stop Lamp
  • Available on Pick-up models only

Part Number: N/A

Ford Ranger 2015 Accessories Bonnet Protector Tinted


Bonnet Protector Tinted

  • Helps deflect stones and other objects
  • Available in a clear, tinted or chrome finish
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • UV resistant to help prevent cracking, fading or distortion
  • Made from tough, durable acrylic

Part Number: AMEB3J16C900AD

Ford Ranger 2015 Accessories Weathershields


WEATHERSHIELDS slimline (set of 2)

  • Helps deflect wind and rain and reduce window fogging. while providing a sleek. stylish look
  • UV resistant to help prevent cracking. fading or distortion
  • Made from tough. durable acrylic
  • Set of two Single & Super Cab

Part Number: AMAB3J215A02BE

Ford Ranger 2015 Accessories Headlamp Guards



  • Helps deflect stones and other objects
  • Made from tough, durable, clear acrylic
  • UV resistant to help prevent cracking, fading or distortion
  • Easy to remove and clean

Part Number: AMEB3J 13B114 AC

Ford Ranger 2015 Accessories Tonneau Cover Hard



  • Made from lightweight highly durable ABS/Polycarbonate material
  • Quick release hinge pin system for easy removal
  • Painted to ensure high quality finish and match to vehicle
  • Features single button. twin lock system
  • Compatible with sport bars less load rest
  • Available on Pick-up models only
  • 3 Piece Tonneau cover shown

Part Number: AB3J501A42SBADD


Ford Ranger Models


Total Capability

Raging river? No problem! Steep, sandy incline? Exciting! Ranger 4X4’s 800mm water wading, e-Locking Rear Differential, and driver assist features like Hill Descent Control make light work of any challenge.


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[1] Fuel consumption and emissions as per Australian Design Rule 81/02 (combined cycle).Note that the actual fuel consumption will depend on many factors including the driver’s habits, prevailing conditions and the vehicle’s equipment, condition and use. The estimated drive away price is based on a vehicle being garaged in the postcode listed and on the owner being a ‘rating one’ driver aged 40 with a good driving record. The estimated drive away price includes 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), an estimated Dealer delivery charge, stamp duty and other applicable statutory charges. Your actual drive away price may differ depending on your individual circumstances or choice of insurer. Statutory charges are current as at February 2015.
[2] Braked towing capacity when fitted with a Genuine Ford tow pack and tow ball, subject to State and Territory towing regulations. Fuel economy range is based on figures obtained from controlled tests using ADR 81/02 combined cycle for all models, engines and transmissions. Actual fuel consumption will depend on many factors including driving habits, prevailing conditions and your vehicle’s equipment, condition and use.
[3] Kerb Mass includes the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, without occupants, luggage or cargo and with all standard equipment. Additional weight of optional features must be taken into account when calculating kerb weight. Braked towing capacity when fitted with a Genuine Ford tow pack and tow ball, subject to State and Territory towing regulations.
[4] Subject to State and Territory regulations. Payload is defined as the Gross Vehicle Mass minus the kerb mass. Payload is the maximum combined value of occupants, cargo, added options, added structures and tow ball download (when towing). GVM must not be exceeded.
[5] iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. and is used under licence. Connection cables sold separately.
[6] Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc., and is used under licence. Customers should consult their Ford Dealer on the ability of their mobile phone handset to integrate with the Bluetooth® system prior to making a purchase decision.
[7] For SYNC™ compatibility, visit the www.ford.com.au/sync.
[8] Rear mud flaps on pick-up models only.
[9] Prestige paint is an option that incurs an additional charge.
[10] Rear bumper body colour, excludes rear bumper sensor device.
[11] Manual model available from January 2016.